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Our Policies

When you work with the Exeter Tailor, you can expect professionalism, and a commitment to the highest quality tailoring services. Our shop policies are carefully created to ensure you have the best experience. 

Shop Policies & Service Agreement

Base Price

The Base Price shown on the Work Agreement is based on the anticipated time required for redesign. Alteration and fitting of the garment and the expected cost of any fabrics or other materials to be provided by The Exeter Tailor.

Additional Charges

The following may result in additional charges:

  1. Changes in measurements of the intended wearer of the altered garment after the date of the Work Agreement due to weight gain or loss, cosmetic surgery, or a change of undergarments or show heel height, or any other change in body shape or size necessitating changes to the re-styled garment.

  2. Any changes at any time to the garment design, fabrics, trims, or embellishments described on the Work Agreement.

  3. A change order form will be completed and attached to and referenced on the work agreement.

    1. The change order form is signed by both The Exeter Tailor and Customer.

Payment Procedure

  1. Work agreements totaling a base price up to ninety-nine dollars ($99.00), require a minimal deposit of fifty percent (50%) of the work, at time of signing the agreement.

  2. Work agreements totaling a base price over ninety-nine dollars ($99.00), require a minimal deposit of twenty percent (20%) of the work, at time of signing the agreement.

  3. All payments are accepted in cash, check, money order, debit, credit card. An additional processing fee of 3.49% will be added to payments made by debit or credit card.

  4. Payment by check for formal wear, including prom and wedding attire, will be permitted if Customer agrees that The Exeter Tailor may hold the garment(s) as security until the check has cleared, which shall be at least to (10) days from when the check is deposited.

  5. Checks returned by the bank for any reason are subject to a twenty-five dollar ($25.00) returned check charge.

  6. Finished garments will not leave the studio for any reason until all charges are paid in full.

No Refunds or Returns

There are no refunds or exchanges on fabrics or other materials once they are purchased on Customers behalf. Once garments leave the studio, all business is completed.


  1. In the event you must cancel this contract, please notify The Exeter Tailor both by phone and in writing. You will be responsible for labor to the date of cancellation, plus the total cost of any fabrics and other materials purchased on your behalf. 

  2. If your deposits exceed these amounts, a check for the difference will be mailed to you within two weeks of my receipt of your written notice of cancellation.


Right to Refuse Service

The Exeter Tailor reserves the right to refuse alterations to any garment(s) that The Exeter Tailor may deem inappropriate, damaging, or unreasonable. Any refusal of alteration(s) shall be made during the Work Agreement consultation and any alteration not included in the Work Agreement shall not be treated as unintentionally omitted. 

Finished Garment - Delivery/Garment Pick Up

  1. Pickups are a scheduled appointment during regular business hours.

    1. Please contact and coordinate at least 24-hours in advance with The Exeter Tailor if other arrangements must be made.

  2. You will be asked to sign a release upon delivery of the garment(s), acknowledging that you have received the garment and that it has been completed to your satisfaction. 

  3. Changes to the garment after that date are considered alterations and will be charged accordingly. 

  4. Once the garment leaves the studio, The Exeter Tailor is not responsible for any further additions, changes, or alterations to the garment, whether they are made accidentally or intentionally by you or by other parties.

Failure to Pick Up

  1. Any failure to pick up a completed garment, failure to schedule a pick up appointment, or failure to attend the scheduled pick up appointment, within a two-week period of project completion, will be given 90 days to schedule and pick up said garment(s), or, they shall be donated. 

  2. The Exeter Tailor must send a notice of completion of garment(s) where an agreed upon pick up time will be scheduled.

  3. The Customer shall modify the pick up date if they are unable to pick up the completed garment at the scheduled time. 

  4. The modified and agreed upon pick up date will not be subject to the 90-day period donation clause.

Garment Care

The Tailor Exeter will recommend care instructions that are appropriate for the garment and its fabrication; however, The Exeter Tailor does not guarantee that these methods are the methods that will actually be applied to your  garment. Therefore, The Exeter Tailor is not responsible for the results of your chosen method of cleaning and storage for this garment. 


The Customer agrees that The Exeter Tailor may use photographs of you or your garment in advertising or for other promotional purposes so long as The Exeter Tailor does not reveal any identifying information, and that you are not entitled to receive monetary or any kind of compensation in return for the use of the photographs specified in this paragraph. 


  1. The Customer agrees and understands that The Exeter Tailor shall only be responsible for communication or consulting with the Customer and shall not be obligated to follow directions from anyone other than the Customer.

  2. The Exeter Tailor is not responsible for spots, stains, holes, tears, or other defects found on the garment nor is responsible for any damage due to cleaning.

I, Customer, have received a copy of this document, and I understand and by signing the Work Agreement, I also agree to the terms and conditions stated above.

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