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  • Have face masks and quarantine time sparked your interest in sewing?

  • Watched all those DIY videos and posts, which make everything look so easy ...only to be frustrated when you actually try it?

  • Want to make clothes that fit you? 

       Coming June 1st

  Sew Coach

​Sew Coach is a fresh approach to learning to sew;  designed to give you the foundation for to tackle sewing projects confidently.

Sew Coach is:

  • Personalized -  apply learning to your projects of interest

  • Self paced  - learning and practicing over a 3 month period

  • Flexible - join virtual monthly informal workshops or watch the recording on your schedule

  • Interactive - learn within a supportive small group; share successes, lessons learned

  • Affordable - works out to be $10 per week


3 Month Membership at $40 per month, includes:

Monthly virtual workshop - Informal, discussions, recorded and available to members

  • Understanding your sewing machine

  • Types of fabrics

  • Working with sewing patterns

  • Project preparation

  • Sewing - construction, seam finishes, hand stitches, troubleshooting

  • Celebrating the results

Weekly Office Hours  - Saturday afternoons, at the tailor shop or join virtually

  • Bring your questions

  • Learn from other's questions

  • Support each other's learning

Contact us to learn more, reserve your spot!


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