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About Your Tailor Shop

The Exeter Tailorshop has serviced the Seacoast and Exeter community for over 44 years, in the heart of downtown Exeter. On January 1, 2020, the former shop owner Joan Gallagher, handed over the legacy to Irene and Charles Hall who will carry on the shop under new management. Former owner, Joan, will continue to service the Exeter Tailor Shop as a beloved contracted team member. Irene brings over 45 years of sewing and alteration experience to the business, and has worked diligently side-by-side with Joan to learn what has kept this business in the heart of Exeter since 1976. The women and Veteran-owned business will continue to proudly services the Seacoast and Exeter community with high-quality tailoring, sewing, and alterations.  

Our Team
Irene & Charlie at front desk.jpg

Irene Hall, Owner

Irene Hall brings over 45 years of passion for sewing and alterations to the Exeter Tailor. For over 25 years, her career focused on developing and strengthen non-profit programs across the country to combat homelessness for Veterans, assist families to achieve self sufficiency, and implement case management software to track outcomes.   After a life long commitment to human services, The Exeter Tailor is now a realized dream to follow her creative passions for clothing construction and  alterations.

Charles Hall, Owner

Charles Hall, a retired U.S. Army Veteran of over 30 years, and now Senior Disaster Program Manager for Southern New Hampshire for the American Red Cross has committed a life to service. After retiring from the U.S. Army, Irene and Charles found Exeter, to be their forever home and enjoy immersing themselves in the Exeter community. Charles is a subject matter expert in the wear and appearance of the military uniform.

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